A trademark is the name which a certain product or service has, identifying it and differentiating it from the rest. Its logo is the image perceived by the customer…More
Patents are the right of exclusiveness which the State grants the inventor in order to let us know the results of his investigation…More
Industrial model or design is the forms or the aspect incorporated or applied into an industrial product which confers to it an ornamental characteristic…More
The copyright law protects art, scientific, and literature works, as well as dramma and any other kind of compositions…More
Estudio Domma is a Law Firm with more than 20 years of experience and it has a professional team specialized in different areas.
We are specialist in trademarks and patents, our counseling starts with the checking of the feasibility of registration, it means that we find out if your mark is already registered. Then, we make the follow up of the registration of the trademark till YOUR trademark is registered.
But the process does not end up at that stage; our law firm is in charge of custodying possible plagiarism or out law uses.